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What's The Right Chew

What's The Right Chew

Dogs love chewing, which is great!... until they're chewing on your couch or your pillows or your shoes or your... you get the point. But, seriously, dogs have a natural urge to chew so it's important that they have toys to chew on which helps to release some of that anxiety from being inside for so long. And just as important is that they have different textures, from soft toys to tough toys

Question is, which chews are safe for your pup? These are some of the things to look out for:

Where's it from?

When it comes to where your chew is made, it's usually best that it be made in the U.S.A. There's been with scares in the past with chews that have come from other countries, and while its not a guarantee that American made means safety, manufactures here in the U.S. understand the importance us pet-parents place on the safety and health of our pets. They tend to act with caution.

What's in it?

We mentioned this in more depth in our previous post, but it's important to repeat: it's what's inside that counts! Check the ingredients of your treat or chews. If the majority of ingredients are hard to pronounce, you should likely avoid it. Natural chews are ideal, such as Nature's Own bully sticks, because they're high in protein, low in fat, easily digestible and contain only one ingredient. Beyond that, ensure that if it's a digestible chew, that it contain more natural ingredients. in the end, these are treats for our pets and we want them to enjoy it. 

Size matters

This is important and we mean it. When it comes to chews, whether it's natural ones or rubber, size does matter. Choking is a risk with every chew and so the chew should be bigger than your pets mouth... by a good amount. You don't want them to get carried away and swallow something they shouldn't have. If it's an edible chew, make sure you they chew it slowly so they can process it. We don't want your pup throwing up a undigested chew.

Lastly, always make sure to keep your eye on your pet with any chew, even the close to indestructible ones like the Kong Classic. There's no such thing as an indestructible chew, only really really difficult ones. And even then, there's some crazy chewers that can get even past those.