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Our Story

These are our fur kids and, boy, do we love these guys. They rely on us to feed them and treat them well and keep them healthy, and we take that job seriously. That's what started this journey. 

It started with their food. We became pickier about which foods, and which ingredients, were best for them. Then we started looking into the treats we were giving them, noticing that there were ingredients included that we didn't even know how to pronounce!

So we started reading, learning and researching. We decided that while other pet stores offer all the various treats and toys you can imagine, including the ones that use questionable stuff in them, we would offer only the treats, toys and supplies that we've researched and that our pets approve of. 

So it's simple really. Howl and Meow offers products that are pet tested and pet approved.  No funny testing to be clear, just real life use. If they don't like it, we don't offer it. And we'll continue to add more products as our pups and cat do more of the taste testing and play testing. We know they don't mind, and neither will your pet.